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Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Scooters in India – Pros and Cons

It is being said that the future of two-wheelers in India is emerging in the form of electric scooters. The best-rated e-scooters are also claimed to have a range of 80-100 kmph on a single charge. This is enough for a person who goes to the office every day. However, the problem caused by the range still persists. If you are thinking of buying an electric scooter, then you must know about the advantages and disadvantages of electric scooters.

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Scooters in India in Detail

Maintenance Cost of Electric Scooters

The general perception is that the maintenance cost of electric scooters is less as compared to petrol scooters. This scale is yet to be measured over a longer period of time and on a larger scale. Change of engine oil at regular intervals in petrol scooters and wear and tear of parts are common cases that can be reduced in electric scooters.

Price Comparision Between Petrol Scooter and Electric Scooter

If you also want to buy a scooter, then know that due to the price many times the decisions of the customers are affected. Despite the subsidy related to FAME II on e-scooters, they are costlier than petrol scooters. Though cheaper e-scooters are also available in the market, they have a shorter range, slower speeds, and less dealer network. Lithium-ion batteries are used in expensive e-scooters, which are expensive.

If you look at this scale, then e-scooters are a very cheap option. Their running cost is very less as compared to petrol scooters. Companies making e-scooters are pushing their vehicles in front of customers with the same logic. If you spend more money on buying an e-scooter, then you get a chance to make up for it in the form of less running cost.

About Charging Station in India

Charging an electric scooter is a bit tricky as the charging infrastructure is not yet ready. You can refill petrol in a few minutes, while it takes a few hours to charge the battery. You will have to charge the e-scooter for at least an hour even in the fast-charging system.

Unless there is a system to replace the battery, such a problem can become a major obstacle in the path of the e-scooter. This problem may persist till the infrastructure is developed for battery replacement or charging. If your battery gets discharged in the e-scooter, then the options in front of you are limited.

Electric Scooters are Considered to be Environmentally Beneficial

If we talk about pollution, then the new petrol scooter will now be made according to the new emission standard BS-VI. Even after this, e-scooter is far ahead of them in terms of pollution. Because e-scooter doesn’t actually have an exhaust pipe. If you take care of the environment and want to buy scooters only for office/market commuting, then an e-scooter is the better option for you.

A Driver’s Licence is not Required/Mileage

One thing you should consider before purchasing an electric scooter is what you want to use it for. An electric scooter is good for city travel, but you’ll need to find another mode of transportation for longer distances. Most of the companies are offering a range of 80 to 90 kmph on a single charge in their electric scooters. A license is not required to drive an electric scooter with a low-speed and 250-watt motor. Apart from this, registration and insurance of these e-scooters will also not have to be done.

  • Although some startups are succeeding in the electric scooter business, the major players are Hero Electric, Bajaj, and TVs.
  • Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter is a very new and powerful model in this segment. It has a range of 95 kmpm.
  • Talking about Hero Electric, Hero Optima can prove to be a good option. It has a range of 82 kmpm. Apart from this, it gets a top speed of 42 kmph.
  • TVS iCube can also prove to be a good option. It has a range of 75 kmph. Apart from this, it gets a top speed of 40 kmph.

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Some Pros and Cons of Electric Scooters

Pros of Electric scooters

  • E-scooters can be quite useful
  • A driver’s licence is not required
  • Simple to use
  • Savings on greenhouse gas emissions
  • Electric scooters are considered to be environmentally beneficial
  • There is no pollution in the air
  • Operating costs are low
  • Can help you conserve energy
  • It’s possible to have a good time riding electric scooters
  • Finding a parking spot is simple
  • Fixing it is relatively simple
  • Short distances are no problem
  • Getting around traffic congestion
  • Noise pollution is reduced
  • The use of public transportation may also be advantageous
  • Compared to autos, maintenance costs are low
  • It is possible to share e-scooters in large cities

Cons of Electric Scooters

  • Electric scooters have the potential to increase the frequency of incidents
  • E-scooters are allowed to be left anywhere
  • Other battery concerns, such as overcharging
  • Problems with insurance
  • It’s only good for short distances
  • E-scooters have a high depreciation rate
  • There is little to no storage space available
  • Obese people may not be able to use it
  • It’s possible that e-scooters will be stolen
  • Without enough scooter lanes, it might be unsafe
  • When compared to vehicles or motorbikes, it is relatively slow
  • Electric scooters have a high buying price.
  • People can become lazy
  • Apps for sharing scooters have technical concerns