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Ducati DesertX Bike Revealed: Check Out the Engine, Design, and Price

As the final episode of the Ducati World Premiere 2022, the Italian brand unveiled the DesertX, undoubtedly the most exciting bike of the bunch.

The Multistrada V2 21-inch/18-inch wire-spoke wheel pair provides the 937cc V-twin powerplant.
Suspension with a long travel range and a ground clearance of 250mm

Retro motorcycles and adventure bikes are two things that are highly trendy in motorcycling these days. Ducati has combined the two in a retro-styled adventure bike known as the DesertX, which is a stroke of brilliance.

The DesertX’s twin-pod LED headlights to harken back to the classic Dakar bikes, and in a world full of massive, weighty adventure bikes, it cuts a pretty thin figure. While it appears to be new, it isn’t as new as you might believe behind the nicely formed surface.

The 937cc Testastretta V-twin engine is identical to the one found in the Multistrada and a variety of other Ducati motorcycles. The DesertX’s output is a little lower, at 110hp and 92Nm than the Multi’s 113hp and 96Nm, but this should translate to more pleasant power delivery, and the DesertX also has shorter gearing for better off-road performance.

While the Multistrada is more of a road-oriented adventure tourer, the DesertX stands out as a true off-roader, with a 21-inch/18-inch wire-spoke wheel arrangement that even the Multistrada 1260 Enduro lacks. The rest of the off-road specs are as enormous and impressive: front and rear suspension travel of 230mm and 220mm, respectively, and ground clearance of 250mm.

The vertigo-inducing 875mm seat height (and you thought the 390 Adventure was tall?) is another statistic that’s possibly a touch too large. Ha!) Of course, because Ducati is Ducati, a lower seat will almost certainly be available (though one hasn’t been listed yet), but even it will likely just reduce seat height down to the 840-850mm range.

In classic Ducati tradition, the electronics suite matches the suspension travel and ground clearance, with a total of SIX riding modes (!) available, including specific off-road Enduro and Rally modes. There are also four power modes and a Bosch IMU to let the electronics work regardless of the bike’s orientation.

Everything is managed via a sleek 5-inch TFT dash with Bluetooth connectivity as an option. A variety of aluminum baggage options, heated grips, fog lamps, and even an 8-liter auxiliary fuel tank are available as options. The DesertX weighs 223kg with the normal 21-liter gasoline tank (and all other fluids) filled.