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5 Electric Cycle in India – From Cheapest to Highest Price List

People’s budgets have been ruined by rising Petrol and Diesel prices. Those who must drive 40 to 50 kilometers on a daily basis for work must now pay an additional 1000 to 1200 rupees out of pocket. As a result, many people are increasingly purchasing electric scooters or bikes. Simultaneously, many people are purchasing electric bicycles. In this article, we will tell you about 5 Electric Cycle in India – From Cheapest to Highest Price.

There are many benefits to buying an electric bicycle. Electric cycles can be operated on both pedal and electric modes. It requires the least amount of upkeep. Only in the name of maintenance does a tyre puncture occur. It is also fairly inexpensive. In 1 to 2 units, an electric cycle battery is fully charged. They can thereafter be driven up to a distance of 30 kilometers. We’re going to inform you about the 5 electric cycle prices in India that you can use on a regular basis. Your health will improve as a result of the lower prices.

Lectro C4 SS (26 Inch) Electric Cycle in India

Hero’s Lectro C4 SS (26 Inch) is an electric cycle with a single gear. Front Disc Brake 0160mm, Rear Brake Alloy V Brake Black brakes, Steel Rigid aerodynamic blade type suspensions with Anti Skid Alloy With reflector pedals, and Alloy 31.8 mm with 80 mm Ext stem are featured on the Hero Lectro C4 SS (26 Inch). It has an Alloy (6061) 41cm (16) Lady Frame, City Commuting Geometry, and an Internal Battery System Frame.

Lectro C4 SS Specifications

It has 4 hours of charging time, 36V/250W, Inbuilt Battery Lower Case Controller, PVC with ON/OFF switch, Black Grip/Tape, Neco threadless with Safety lock, and PVC with ON/OFF switch. 50mm x 559mm blackhead fittings (26 x 1.90) Alloy 19.5mm x 559mm 45L A/V Headtube (26) From a comfort standpoint, double-wall Black rim, PU Black with printed Hero Lectro Saddle/Seat.

Lectro C4 SS Specifications

Lectro C4 SS (26 Inch) Speed and Gear
Hero Lectro C4 SS (26 Inch) comes with Single Speed &16T Cassette/ Freewheel, 40Teeth x 170mm Black with double guard (1/2 x 1/8) Chain/Crankset, Single gear Gears, F31.8*680mm – Alloy Black Handlebar.

Hero Lectro C4 SS (26 Inch) Price in India
In India, the Hero Lectro C4 SS (26 Inch) is available for Rs. 25,999.

11 Other Variants of Hero Lectro Electric Cycle

Hero Lectro C3Rs.23,999
Hero Lectro C5Rs.24,999
Hero Lectro C6Rs.24,999
Hero Lectro ClixRs.28,999
Hero Lectro KinzaRs.28,999
Hero Lectro C5iRs.29,999
Hero Lectro C3iRs.29,999
Hero Lectro Clix 7SRs.31,000
Hero Lectro Kinza 7SRs.31,000
Hero Lectro C8Rs.32,499
Hero Lectro F6iRs.49,000

EMotorad T-Rex Electric Cycle in India

The T-Rex from EMotorad is an electric bike. The electric motor produces 374 W of power. Disc brakes are used in the front and back of the EMotorad T-Rex. T-Rex has a Kerb weight of 28.3 kg. Spoke Wheels on the EMotorad T-Rex.

EMotorad T-Rex Specifications

EMotorad T-Rex Electric Cycle Specifications

Mileage-Range35 km/charge
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Battery Capacity36 V, 7.8 Ah
Motor Power, Motor Type & Max Power250W, BLDC, 374W
Charging Time4 Hours
Rear Brake, Front BrakeDisc
ChassisRetractable 6061 Aluminium
Speedometer, TripmeterDigital
Kerb Weight28.3Kg
Headlight, Tail LightLED

There are now three EMotorad Electric cycles for sale in India, with a starting price of Rs 44,999. EMotorad T-Rex (Rs. 44,999), EMotorad EMX (Rs. 54,999), and EMotorad Karbon are the top EMotorad Electric cycles (Rs. 65,000).

EMotorad EMXRs.54,999
EMotorad KarbonRs.65,000

Xiaomi M365 – Mi Electric Scooter Price in India, Check Battery & Speed

BattRE Electric Mobility Newtron Electric Cycle in India

The Newtron by BattRE Electric Mobility is an electric cycle. Front and rear disc brakes are standard on the BattRE Electric Mobility Newtron. Spoke Wheels are featured on the BattRE Electric Mobility Newtron cycle.

BattRE Electric Mobility Newtron cycle Specifications

BattRE Electric Mobility Newtron Specifications

Mileage-Range35 km/charge
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Battery Capacity8 Ah
Motor Power36V, 250W
Charging Time4 Hours
Rear Brake, Front BrakeDisc
Front SuspensionInverted
Speedometer, TripmeterDigital
DisplayLED Meter
Paddle3 Level Paddle Assist

There are now four BattRE Electric Mobility Electric cycles for sale in India, with a starting price of Rs 29,900. The BattRE Electric Newtron (Rs. 29,900), BattRE Electric Montra (Rs. 40,700), and BattRE Electric Kross are the top BattRE Electric Mobility Electric cycles (Rs. 35,700).

BattRE Electric KrossRs.35,700
BattRE Electric MontraRs.40,700

Toutche Heileo M100 Electric Cycle in India

The Heileo M100 is a beautiful, lightweight mountain-style electric bike that makes city commuting and off-roading a lot easier and more enjoyable. This machine is meant to stand out, with an aluminum alloy frame and 345 & 460 watt-hours of power.

Toutche Heileo M100 Specifications

The M100 electric cycle has a really attractive design. Riding it is as simple as riding a regular bicycle. The braking and pedaling are both incredibly smooth. It has a range of 45 kilometers in full throttle mode and 55 kilometers in pedal-assist mode per charge and it takes 5 to 6 hours to fully charge the device.

Toutche Heileo M100 Specifications

Mileage-Range & Max. Speed75 km/charge, 25 Km/h
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Battery Capacity36 V, 11.6 Ah
Motor Type, Motor PowerHub Motor, 36V, 250W
Charging Time4 Hours
Rear Brake, Front BrakeDouble Disc
Kerb Weight21.4 kg
Chassis17.5, Aluminium Alloy
Speedometer, TripmeterDigital
Mobile ConnectivityNo
Gear Box6 Speed

There are 2 other variants of Toutche Electric Electric cycles for sale in India, with a starting price of Rs 49,900. Toutche Heileo M200 (Rs. 57,900), Toutche Heileo H200 (Rs. 53,900).

Toutche Heileo H200Rs.53,900
Toutche Heileo M200Rs.57,900

Pure EV Egnite Electric Cycle in India

PURE EV is an electric two-wheeler manufacturer that began on the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Hyderabad campus. One of the company’s key goals is to use sustainable energy sources, which is why the name PURE (Power Using Renewable Energy) was chosen. PURE EV makes lithium-ion batteries and has a research lab on the IIT Hyderabad campus, in addition to electric two-wheelers.

Pure EV Egnite Specifications

An e-bike is a suitable option for both business commuters and adventure trips. It’s a sensible, environmentally responsible option for your commuting needs. The ride is suitable for teenagers as well as adults and serious bicyclists.

In PAS mode, Pure Ev provides a steady range of 80KM+. It has a powerful, comfortable, and durable drive that can tackle both urban and challenging terrains.

Pure EV Egnite Specifications

  • Streamlined: Provision for Battery & Controller Integration
  • 26 ” Double Wall Alloy
  • 36V 250W Rear Brushless Geared Motor
  • 7-speed Derailleur Rear Wheel Shimano
  • Disc Brake TEKTRO brand (F/R)
  • Twist Throttle
  • Front Suspension XC 30
  • 12 Magnet Intelligent Pedal Assistant System
  • 23 kgs (Including Battery & all Electric Components)

PURE EV currently offers six models, including three electric scooters: the EPluto 7G, EPluto, and ETrance+. It also features an ETrance electric step-through and two e-bikes, the Egnite and ETron+.

PURE EV ETrance₹ 54,839
PURE EV ETrance+₹ 67,612
PURE EV EPluto₹ 71,719
PURE EV ETrance Neo₹ 78,785
PURE EV EPluto 7G₹ 83,701

PURE EV Bikes Price in India

The pricing of a PURE EV bike starts at Rs. 54,839. In India, PURE EV has introduced five new models, with the EPluto 7G, ETrance Neo, and EPluto being the most popular. EPluto 7G is the most expensive PURE EV bike, costing Rs. 83,701.

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