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Honda Super Cub 125: New American Honda Bike Coming in 2022

Honda originally unveiled its gorgeous matte grey metallic 2022 Super Cub 125 at the Bangkok Motor Show in March of 2021. This colorway was a head-turner right out of the gate, thanks to its distinctive split red leatherette saddle. We weren’t sure if this was the overall look of the 2022 Super Cub at the time, but we were eager to find out.

Let’s fast forward to June 2021, when Honda announced the debut of the new 2022 Super Cub in Europe. In addition to the stunning split red saddle for the rider and pillion, we received all of the latest information. The 124cc air-cooled single overhead cam engine now has modified crankcases from the Japanese-market C110, which are matched with the new Honda Grom’s top end. We can confirm that the bore is 50mm and the stroke is 63.1mm in the American-market 2022 Super Cub 125 we’re about to tell you about.

But you know what appears to be different for the US release? Although our 2022 Super Cub 125 will be available in a gorgeous matte grey metallic hue in the United States, there is something missing. Do you see what I mean? After all, it appears that we will not be receiving the extremely cool split red saddle on ours. Instead, we’ll get the solo saddle we’ve had for a long time. It’s still that lovely red color now, which is fantastic. However, there’s something about the split version’s style that appeals to me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

The Honda Super Cub 125 for the American market has lost two pounds in weight for 2022 and now weighs just 238 pounds at the curb. The seat height stays at 30.7 inches, the four-speed semiautomatic transmission is standard, there are front disc and rear drum brakes (with ABS on the front), and an LED headlamp and Honda Smart Key system are included as standard. The MSRP is $3,799, which is a $50 increase over the MSRP for 2021.

Maybe American Honda didn’t think the American market would want the pillion seat, or that we’d want to ride around on our Super Cubs with pillions. To be honest, I wouldn’t take a passenger on one if I had one. However, every time I looked at my Super Cub, I’d enjoy just gazing at it. I’d also like to be able to strap additional items to that back seat from time to time so that I may take them with me on my excursions.

Regardless, the Honda accessories catalog referenced on American Honda’s website is now dated from 2020 and only shows a rear carrier as a Super Cub option. “Originally built for a solitary rider, the Super Cub C125 now comes with a pillion seat and footpegs pre-attached,” says the main item for the 2022 Super Cub on the Honda U.K. website. However, it’s possible that this is the most fitting way to conclude the year 2021. On a Honda, you might still meet the nicest people, but you shouldn’t be offering anyone a ride right now.

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