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Xiaomi M365 – Mi Electric Scooter Price in India, Check Battery & Speed

Xiaomi Mijia M365, also known as Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter, is a mode of transportation for a city that is fast, clean, affordable, and easy to navigate. A scooter of exceptional quality and durability, with excellent autonomy and features that rank it among the finest in terms of quality/price ratio. The Xiaomi Mi electric scooter price in India is approximately Rs 34,660.

Mi M365 has a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour and has enough gas to stop on a flat surface. With a full battery charge, you can drive 30 kilometers without stopping. The Xiaomi Mijia M365 is the best electric scooter you can purchase in terms of quality vs. price, and it is well worth every penny. It has remarkable properties, making it ideal for individuals looking for a flexible, quick, and inexpensive mode of transportation.

Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter Acceleration

To avoid accidents, the acceleration from a standing position is progressive, and you can supply more or less gas to move at the speed you desire. A 250 watt brushless DC motor with a 500-watt peak power output powers the Xiaomi Mi M365. It accelerates from 0 to 24 kilometers per hour in under 6.3 seconds.

The gas is accelerated by squeezing a lever with the thumb, rather than in the handle like on motorbikes. This is a fantastic way to avoid unexpected accelerations.


The M365’s top speed is 26.9 km/h, which is in line with the manufacturer’s claim. By modifying the firmware, the top speed is said to be increased to nearly 32 km/h. It has an energy-saving mode that smooths down accelerations and increases top speed. It will sap your courage and strength, but it will increase the number of kilometres you can cover with a burden. The energy conservation mode is automatically enabled when the battery level reaches 50%.

Mi Electric Scooter Battery

M365 has a 280 wh battery delivering 23.5 kilometers in a single charge. The Xiaomi Mijia M365’s battery is charged using a charger similar to that used for computers. It has no secrets; it simply connects to the current. It’s made by LG, so you know it’ll be of good quality.
It has various security features, including anti-short circuits, overloads, and overcurrent protection.

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Braking System

With a rear disc brake and a front regenerative brake, the Xiaomi Mi M365 sports a redundant braking system. This is a good combination because some other scooters in this price range have “dual braking,” which consists of a hand-activated brake and a foot brake, both of which are ineffective. but in Xiaomi M365 there are 3 types of braking systems:

  • From the time we let go of the accelerator, the first uses the engine brake to reduce speed.
  • The second occurs when applying the handlebar brake on a bicycle, which doubles the holding force to gradually slow down proportional to the force used.
  • The third is emergency braking, which occurs when the brake is fully applied and the rear disc brake, similar to that seen on motorcycles, engages. It’s a hard braking technique that brings the scooter to a complete halt in a short distance.

Mi M365 Electric Scooter Design and Materials

The design is simple and attractive, making it one of the most enjoyable electric scooters on the market. The Xiaomi Mijia M365’s build quality is fantastic; it appears to be a more costly scooter than it really is, with very well-worked finishes.

The Xiaomi can be folded down to 107 cm long, 43 cm broad, and 48 cm tall. It can be folded and taken on public transportation or fit into the trunk of most cars. The cockpit is immaculately clean and well-designed, making excellent use of the 43-centimeter-wide space available.

It has non-slip rubber elements, such as the handlebar grips and the scooter floor on which we ride. It has a motorcycle-style headlight with a range of 6 meters to use at night, as well as a red light on the back to view the automobiles, which lights up more when you brake.

When you consider the quality of the wheels and braking system, as well as the device’s robustness and top speed, you realize this is not a toy, but a mode of transportation.

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter App for phone

You can get all the information and statistics you need using the mobile app (Android and iOS). You may also update the Xiaomi electric scooter’s software to get new features and improvements.

The rider can monitor current speed in real-time, the percentage of battery left, and engage cruise control, much as in automobiles, via the APP. It also allows you to customize factors such as acceleration and braking force to your preferences.